.NET Podcasts that are on my iPod

Based on a Tweet from @shanselman this is a list of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis as a .NET developer. Do I always find the content useful or interesting? Of course not! But sometimes I'll force myself to listen to something I don't think will be of interest just to make sure I'm not getting stuck in a rut, and I'm staying current with my knowledge.
  • Hanselminutes - This was my introduction to podcasts. Of course I chose a podcast with great production quality as my intro, so short of .NET Rocks, there aren't many that sound this good.
  • .NET Rocks (DNR) - If Hanselminutes got me into podcasts, then DNR made me an addict. Coming up on their 400th show, there are few podcasters as prolific as Carl and Richard, and the sound quality is amazing. Content rocks too!
  • Monday's - Definately NOT worksafe! Monday's is a break from the traditional technology podcast, but if you've got a sick sense of humour, and if you like DNR you owe it to yourself to chechout Monday's.
  • RunAs Radio - If you sit in a corner and never think about deployment of your applications, and just pound out code, then you can pass on this podcast, but if you're like many of us developers, where you need to understand the complete lifecycle of the applications you're developing, this is a great podcast. Wonderful to hear about the operations and infrastructure side of the world. And it's got Richard from DNR!
  • TechNet Radio - I'll admit this one is pushing the edges of my interest, but hey, disk is cheap! Some of the topics are interesting, but sometimes they just go off into a world I don't care about. Still, nice to have on the iPod as an alternative.
  • ARCast - An older show by podcast standards (last show in the end of 2007), I don't think it's in production any longer. However, they cover(ed) a number of good architectural topics and the bottom line is we're not all developing applications using Azure and MEF, the "older" topics are often the ones we need to hear.
  • Polymorphic Podcast - Don't know if Craig is just on haiatus, or if he's stopped making this podcast. Last updated was 10/13. Still, he touches/touched on a number of interesting topics from web parts to SEO to Ajax.
  • Herding Code - More like herding cats sometimes. I'm really torn on this one. In some ways it seems to me like amature hour, with a bunch of guys on a conference call, then again, they're producing a podcast on a regular basis, more than I can say. And their content isn't bad at all. I like the fact that you get different points of view on the topics.
  • Thirsty Developer - One of those podcasts that I wonder about since they are both MS employees, but then their content is typically useful and I've never found them to have a bias, or at least not one they didn't admit to.