Scott Hanselman is a drug dealer...

"Hello, my name is Walden and I'm an addict." Scott Hanselman is a drug dealer, and Hanselminutes is a gateway drug!

I've never been into Podcasts, I never saw the point and thought those that listened to them were just, well, silly. Until... I downloaded a Hanselminutes and took one hit! It's worse than crack, I'm hooked! I can't get enough.

I've got Hanselminutes, DotNetRocks, and RunAsRadio taking up more and more of my iPod. I have to listen, several times a day even. Hell, I've taken up walking so I can listen while I walk.

So just a word of caution, be careful, or you'll get hooked too.


  1. Scandalous! Probably not the kind of thing I want popping up next to my name in Google, but thanks! I hope you enjoy the show!

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